Local Sustainable Economies Conference

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June 7, 2017 9:00am to June 9, 2017 10:00pm


Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02115


The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is excited to present the LOCAL SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES CONFERENCE at Northeastern University in Boston, MA from June 7 until June 9, 2017.

Bringing together participants from across the US and Canada, the conference will have 3 LEVELS OF IMPACT for advocates and entrepreneurs committed to building a local, green and fair economy: 

ENERGIZE YOUR ENTERPRISE: A powerful line-up of luminaries in the local sustainable economies movement will share stories of what works and what they’ve learned along the way, highlighting real, attainable solutions to issues facing our businesses and non-profits, our communities and our planet.

CULTIVATE CONNECTIONS: Through targeted conversations and peer coaching, participants will learn from each other, finding courage and inspiration and developing relationships that will continue to serve them long after the conference. 

MOBILIZE THE MOVEMENT: Together, we will explore the shifting role of local business in the larger economic, social and environmental context, identifying what’s coming up next, what’s needed and what we are called to do, both individually and collectively. 

The conference will focus on 8 VITAL PRACTICES of a sustainable local enterprise, listed below. Our intention is to use our time together at the conference to advance the wisdom, strategies, and practical actions related to each of these practices. This way, not only will you benefit; so will our communities and our movement. 

1. GET CASH: Attracting financial capital that’s aligned with the values and needs of your enterprise and your community. 

2. GROW LOCAL FIRST: Cultivating local partner, supplier and customer relationships to catalyze the Local First movement. 

3. BE FAIR: Crafting equitable and effective information-sharing, decision-making and ownership structures. 

4. GO GREEN(ER): Reducing the negative effects and maximizing the positive impact of your operations. 

5. CREATE MAGIC: Igniting your enterprise and invigorating the new economy.

6. EAT LOCAL: Transforming our local food systems.

7. STORM CITY HALL: Shaping local laws and policies to support local business and community.

8. OPEN YOUR HEART: Building personal capacity for wisdom and compassion in the interest of more effective action. 

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