Action Alerts

Take Action on the critical policy issues impacting farm and food systems in our region!

Sep 12, 2016

The TPP is bad news for farmers, the environment, and just about everyone else. Take action to say "NO" to the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Oct 22, 2015

Help us increase support for Farm to School programs in the Child Nutrition Act - Take Action Today!

Jul 28, 2015

The USDA is planning a major refresh to the Conservation Stewardship Program, which rewards farmers for using sustainable practices. Help make this program work better for farmers in the Northeast!

Apr 29, 2015

Congressional Recesses are right around the corner. Set up a meeting with your legislators and educate them about sustainable agriculture!

Feb 04, 2015

This is our year to make big gains for farm to school initiatives through the Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization process. Here’s what you can do now to ensure healthy meals for school children and support farmers in our region and across the country. Act now!

Dec 15, 2014

This is the first major overhaul of food safety laws in 76 years. Farmers, food hubs, marketing and food system stakeholders, eaters: The FDA needs to hear from us.

Sep 29, 2014

Comment on the EPA’s proposed Worker Protection Standard changes before the deadline.