Federal Policy, Regional Impact

Learn about important federal policies and how they impact farm and food systems in our region.

Apr 27, 2015

Congress could give a big boost to farm to school efforts in the Northeast if they include the Farm to School Act of 2015 in this year's Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act. Read on to learn why.

Apr 13, 2015

Fast Track a Bad Deal for Farmers and Our Food System, 110+ groups Say

Feb 04, 2015

What do you know about USDA’s 2501 Program? Find out why our region in particular stands to benefit from this program that assists socially disadvantaged agricultural producers in owning and operating farms, ranches, and nonindustrial forest lands. Have you already benefited from 2501? Share your stories with NESAWG!

Dec 23, 2014

The massive annual appropriations bill that President Obama signed into law last week to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year contains numerous defeats for sustainable agriculture and a few bright spots for programs that support beginning farmers, research, and land conservation. Learn about how these losses and gains will impact sustainable agriculture in the Northeast.

Sep 01, 2014

Powerful meat industry companies have consistently thwarted efforts to enforce regulations protecting small, independent livestock farmers from their predatory practices. Which northeast politicians have stood up for our region's farmers, and what is NESAWG doing to help?

Mar 17, 2014

The Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education (SARE), a federal program administered by the USDA to advance American agriculture, released its biannual report, highlighting several projects it funds in our region.