The 2017 Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group It Takes a Region Conference broke the mold. NESAWG has been putting on successful food systems conferences for 25 years, drawing thousands of sustainable food systems leaders, including farmers, researchers policy wonks, students, urban growers, youth, food justice activists, health care practitioners, entrepreneurs, farm to school advocates, and many others together to cross-pollinate and engage with the complicated problems we must confront to transform the food system. Here’s some of what we learned and how we’re applying these lessons to transforming the food movement.
The Equal Exchange Action Forum is a space within Equal Exchange for individuals to join a virtual and physical community to network, learn, and challenge the injustices within our food system. It’s a vehicle to build an authentic and democratic community, and a tool to foster relationships that will connect us to each other and our food. Despite the system’s power to commodify every aspect of our lives, including our ability to connect with one another, here we have the opportunity to create something anew.
Bridgeport is hosting a 1.5-day community workshop on the topic of local foods and its potential for strengthening our local economy, supporting healthier people and neighborhoods, and revitalizing our downtown.
​Dr. Samina Raja is a global leader in food systems planning.
Welcome Cheyenna Layne Weber!
- Learn about the legal resources available from Conservation Law Foundation’s Legal Food Hub - Identify legal issues that may face farmers, food entrepreneurs and food-related businesses - Explore the ways other small businesses have connected with lawyers and solved legal problems
This forum, part of Boston GreenFest, looks at ways in which Local Food can be a strong force to building our local economy.
Speaker Series and Supper at Wright-Locke Farm
Groundswell Center is hosting an open field day on soil science and weeds at the Incubator Farm.
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