A New Map for America

Land Use, Mapping

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Parag Khanna of the New York Times reorganizes the 50 United States into seven mega regions. These mega regions already exist socially and economically, clustered around large metropolises and along infrastructure lines. Khanna argues that these large metropolitan regions or "city states" are more important to the economy than any state and that connectivity to one of these city-states is vital to every American's economic viability. However, government and infrastructure spending is fragmented by and limited to the 50-state system. This lack of regional thinking and planning has divided the country into areas that are connected and areas that have been left behind. 

To achieve this new map of America, governments and leaders need to collaborate across state lines and even across national borders. We need national investment in expansion of railroads, internet access, and bridge and road improvements. We need to plan smart, regional economies, linking raw materials to supply chains, creating industry hubs and clusters. These shifts toward regional economic systems are already happening; will our political system follow suit? 

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