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Thousands of individuals representing diverse interests across the Northeast participate in the NESAWG Network.  Whether you’re engaged in farming, gardening, health care, ecology, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, insurance, law, architecture, urban planning, regional planning, computer technology, social services, you name it, there’s a place for you and your organization, school, agency or business in improving farms and food systems. Bring your ideas and talents to the NESAWG table!

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Karen Spiller

KAS Consulting

Ted Spitzer

I run Market Ventures, Inc., an urban planning and economic development firm that assists public, nonprofit and private clients with planning, creating, and evaluating innovative food-based projects and programs. I'm also the co-owner of Maine's Pant

Jay Sprague

Local Harvest

Elizabeth Sprague

As Downeast Business Alliance's Small Business Coordinator for Washington County, I am working on several farm and food related projects: - Farming infrastructure implementation - Farmers' market promotion and development - Farm to School/Hospital

Joan Squeri

HCC Consulting

Bob St.Peter

Organizer, Food for Maine's Future Editor, Saving Seeds farmworker

Matt Staebner

CT farm bureau,

Nick Stanton

Keep Farming

Adam Stark

I eat. I'm also at a kickass health food store called Debra's Natural Gourmet, in Concord, MA. Freelance writer. Starting this fall, I'll have an herb company. Most of my herbs do not come from the Northeast, however.

Karen Stark

Growing Pa Organic Farms

Karen Stark


Cathy Startzman

Montgomery County Ohio

Hilde Steffey

I work at Farm Aid, a rocking nonprofit working to keep family farmers on their land and thriving, based in Cambridge, MA.

Sam Stegeman

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)

Melanie Steinberg

The Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes

R.J. Steinert


Marla Stelk

Muskie School of Public Service

Nika Stelman

food consultancy

Patricia Stewart

I am a farm educator, working primarily with goats as dairy animals, but also reaching out to the public about safe food and sustainble agriculture. I also work with Liberty Ark Coalition and SmallHolders Alliance to fight NAIS.

David Stewart

We operate a small, diversified, organic farm.

Kathleen Stewart

Tufts University- Agriculture, Food, and the Environment Program Student

Ron Stidmon

Garlic farmer

Melissa Stockbridge

None at this time

Bailey Stoler

Associate at NewSeed Advisors, a firm that advises and invests in local and sustainable agriculture companies.

Violet Stone

Cornell Small Farms Program

Alexandra Stone

Oregon State University

Richard Stoner

FutureHarvest CASA in Maryland

Kimberly Stoner

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Nina Stout

Fair Food In Fairfield Schools Organizing Member (www.fairfoodfairfield.ning.com) Integrative Nutrition 2007 Graduate Wellness Committee Member Newtown CT