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Thousands of individuals representing diverse interests across the Northeast participate in the NESAWG Network.  Whether you’re engaged in farming, gardening, health care, ecology, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, insurance, law, architecture, urban planning, regional planning, computer technology, social services, you name it, there’s a place for you and your organization, school, agency or business in improving farms and food systems. Bring your ideas and talents to the NESAWG table!

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ariela yomtovian

Rural Food and Health Network

Tami York

Member of Kennebunk Farmers Market

David Young

Eco-Logos LLC | New England Ecologic

Jon young

Natick Community Organic Farm

Abby Youngblood

Just Food

Elsa Youngsteadt

I currently live in the northeast, and I eat. Also, I'm a science writer and occasional weekend farm-worker.

Jamie Yuenger

FRESH the movie

Kari Zabel


Jon Zeltsman

Community Markets

Christine Zerby

OSU Animal Science

Carolyn Zezima

NYC Foodscape

Barbara Zheutlin

Berkshire Grown

Kathryn Zimmerman

New Pond Farm

Ali Zipparo

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Gregg Zukowski

Revolution Rickshaws