Our Network - Participants

Thousands of individuals representing diverse interests across the Northeast participate in the NESAWG Network.  Whether you’re engaged in farming, gardening, health care, ecology, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, insurance, law, architecture, urban planning, regional planning, computer technology, social services, you name it, there’s a place for you and your organization, school, agency or business in improving farms and food systems. Bring your ideas and talents to the NESAWG table!

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Michelle Ajamian

Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative/Shagbark Seed & Mill

Maura Beaufiat

Bowdoin Street Health Center

Ed Harris

Research Consultant at Tomorrow's Harvest

Alison Hastings

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Judy Fallows

Healthy Waltham

Eva Winther

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter PR - marketing consultant & journalist

Madeleine Charney

UMass Amherst Libraries

Joanna Hamilton

Tufts University

Katherine Piedl

Hungry Hollow Co-op

John Gerber

University of Massachusetts

Randy Maille

none yet

Andrea Aldana

Community Development Partnership

Helen Husher

Northeast SARE

Rosamond Pope-Meyer

Nutrional Therapy Association

Gordon Walts

American Farmstead

Elizabeth Henderson

Northeast Organic Farming Assoc. of NY

Deb Bentzel

Farm to Institution Program Manager at Fair Food

Winnie Jamieson

sustainable gardener

Molly Fusselman

Kansas State University

Anna Dawson

Hometown Foods, LLC

Pat Bono

NY Bee Wellness

Jean Pauly

We are an organization that connects consumers to sources of local food.

Joshua Auerbach

American Sorghum

Tony Marzolino

Marz Farm

Jeff Piestrak

Mann Library, Cornell University; NESAWG

Alyson Abrami


Rachael Acker

Finding ways to use technology and art to raise awareness of sustainability and educate the public on sustainability practices.