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Thousands of individuals representing diverse interests across the Northeast participate in the NESAWG Network.  Whether you’re engaged in farming, gardening, health care, ecology, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, insurance, law, architecture, urban planning, regional planning, computer technology, social services, you name it, there’s a place for you and your organization, school, agency or business in improving farms and food systems. Bring your ideas and talents to the NESAWG table!

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gregory barnett

ne fruit growers assoc

Matt Barron

New England Farmers Union

Pamela Barroso


Jeffrey Barry

Boston Organics

Jannette Barth

Pepacton Institute

Michael Bartner

Slow Money

Jessica Basile

Interest and work in local food systems, small farms. Live on Newton Community Farm, a small nonprofit farm where my husband is the farm manager.

Louis Battalen

Domestic Fair Trade Association

Karen Bauerle

I am an attorney working on food policy issues. I am interning at The Public Health Advocacy Project after spending many years at home with small children.

Hilary Baum

Baum Forum/Public Market Partners

Jennifer Baumstein

I am the Americorps VISTA / Food Systems Coordinator for Farm Fresh Rhode Island, which works to bring local, just food to all members of the Rhode Island community.

Danielle Bays

Advocacy & Outreach Manager for Farm Sanctuary, HQ in Watkins Glen, NY.

Bianca Bazil

sustainable food systems

Jeralyn Beach

Chatham University

Betsey Beaven

stonewall kitchen

Robin Beck

Muskie School of Public Service

Dave Beck

EISC, Inc.

Eli Beckerman

Project Coordinator for Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, working on promoting the local systems -- including food systems -- that will replace the failing fossil fueled economies of yesterday and today. We take a holistic view of comm

Florence Becot

University of Vermont

Chris Bedford

I am President of the Sweetwater Local Foods Market -- an all organic, all humane, all local farmers market in Muskegon. I am also a filmmaker and speaker on local food issues. Currently, I am organizing a Farm-to-School Campaign in Muskegon County,

Susan Beebe

Cooperative Extension

Black River Beef

We sell USDA inspected beef which has been naturally and humanely pasture-grazed on our own Connecticut fields, without the use of artificial hormones, antibiotics, steroids or commercial grains.

Leigh Belanger

I work for Chefs Collaborative, a national nonprofit based in Boston working to promote the use of local and sustainable food in restaurants.

Eric Bendfeldt


Rachel Berger

Currently work in grantwriting at City Harvest. Starting a masters program for Clinical Nutrition in the fall.

Glenn Bergman

We are a food co-op and we have two urban farms of a total of 2 acres...

Richard Berkfield

Community Food Security Project of Post Oil Solutions

Linda Berlin

I'm a faculty member at the University of Vermont focused on food and agriculture issues. I've been doing this work for a long time, but I'm finally joining NEFOOD!

alice berlow

founder and exec. director of Island Grown Initiative, editor of Edible Vineyard