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Thousands of individuals representing diverse interests across the Northeast participate in the NESAWG Network.  Whether you’re engaged in farming, gardening, health care, ecology, geology, geography, chemistry, biology, insurance, law, architecture, urban planning, regional planning, computer technology, social services, you name it, there’s a place for you and your organization, school, agency or business in improving farms and food systems. Bring your ideas and talents to the NESAWG table!

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Slow Food Boston

We are working to increase transparency in the food system, and support local food producers, growers & breeders. We're always looking to learn more about the issues & hurdles facing us in procuring and consuming really good food!

Marla Bosworth

I teach classes on making organic skincare products using natural ingredients from Massachusetts farms. Goatsmilk soap making, creams and lotions, starting your own soap business and more.

Philip Botwinick

Traditional Nutrition Guild

Barbara-Anne Boudokhane

St Vincent de Paul, St. Andrew Catholic Church

Sean Bowen

Massachusetts Dept of Agricultural Resources

Bernie Bowman

Senior Services

Greg Bowman

Writer, editor, advocate for regenerative organic food systems as communications manager at Rodale Institute. Member of Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Planner for church-based, multi-ministry sustainable ag market farm projects

Alice Boyd

Worki with sustainable development primarily benefiting low to moderate income households

David Boynton

Seacoast Local

Rebecca Brady

Just interested in the work and information on getting food from farms to schools

Robyn Branco

Marion Institute

Elfriede Brandstatter

We raise boer goats as a food supply. We belong to the Boer Goat Breeders of Maine. We started with three goats and have had 38 babies this year, all live and well, and have sold some of the wethers for meat.

Liz Brensinger

I'm an organic market grower, member of PASA and PaWAgN, long-time advocate for sustainability, and partner in Green Heron Tools LLC, a new company to provide garden and farm tools designed for women.

Sarah Brezniak

Captus Group LLC

Katie Broadbent

Spring Into Action

Joshua Brock

Now back in PA...living in State College with my fiance Jenn. Slowly planning the development of our own farm/csa/farm to school-business-hospital, farm stand. Looking to find work either at a local farm, and/or with one of many sustainable farming o

Jennifer Brodsky

greener partners

Emily Brooks

Edibles Advocate Alliance

Brandy Brooks

Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness

Katrina Broomall

Just saw Food, Inc. I was very impressed by Carole Morison and wanted to thank her.

Edith Bross

I'm a consultant for public health and community organizing efforts in Boston and a member of the Boston Coalition for Food and Fitness. Currently I'm looking for employment among the groups and people engaged in food system equity work in Boston, MA

Mimi Brown

Public Health Advocacy Institute

Elaine Brown

Food systems work

Emma Brown

Smith College

Annie Brown

Island Institute