In our role as the leading convener of food systems practitioners in the Northeast, we curate a library of resources on critical farm and food issues. We also publish our own papers and reports —from our seminal It Takes a Region: Exploring a Regional Food Systems Approach to Good Food for All Summary Report.  As we compile publications, maps, videos, and other materials, we will make them available here.​ You can share resources with us as well. 

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Food Security, Funding/Financing/Lending

Authors: Kate Fitzgerald

The first Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive grants were made in the Spring 2015, and this report summarizes the results of the medium and large size projects.

Farming, Livestock, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: ASPCA, Vermont Law School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

This tool will help farmers understand the value of animal welfare certification programs and determine which certification might be right for their farm.

Marketing, Retail, Supply Chains

Authors: USDA

This report is a summary of FMPP grant activities since 2006 and highlights select data and a few exemplary projects funded during fiscal years (FY) 2008 to 2015.

Food Hubs, Supply Chains

2016 New York City Food Distribution & Resiliency Study Results

Food Justice

Authors: Oxfam

In this report, Oxfam assesses the social and environmental policies of the world’s ten largest food and beverage companies and calls on them to take the critical next steps to create a just food system.

Farm to Institution, Funding/Financing/Lending

Authors: Matthew Benson, Matthew Russell, and Deborah Kane, USDA Farm to School Program

This report provides an in-depth look at the USDA Farm to School Program's first 3 years of grant-making and summarizes findings from an analysis of select data from projects funded during fiscal years (FY) 2013 -2015.

Food Justice

Authors: Salvation Farms

The focus of this report is to identify how much wholesome food is currently being lost on vegetable and berry farms around Vermont.


Authors: Nice Meat Processor Assistance Network

Installment 4 of 4 of the Beginner's Guide to Local Meat Processing

Livestock, Processing

Authors: Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network

Installment 3 of 4 in the Beginner’s Guide to Local Meat Processing.

Food Systems, Policy & Advocacy

Authors:  Center for a Livable Future

Center for a Livable Future's overview of program areas and highlighted projects, followed by policy recommendations on key food systems issues for the Trump administration and the 115th Congress.