Doing Food Policy Councils Right: A Guide to Development and Action

Food Access, Food Security, Food Systems, Land Use, Policy & Advocacy


Michael Burgan, Mark Winne

This manual outlines some of the tools that can be used to create and sustain your own effective food policy council and to take steps toward that goal of food security for all.

Food experts and activists realized
 that a vast food system 
generated many policies, and for the most part, the average citizen
 didn’t have 
much of a role in shaping them.
 One way to address
 this lack of participation was by creating food policy councils, to 
bring together all stakeholders
 in a community food system and
 give them a say in constructing a syste
m that reflected their values.

It might seem like 
a daunting task, challenging the interests that
 support the food system status quo.
 And promoting concepts such as 
food democracy and social justice might feel like a hard sell in your 
But at its core, the work of a food policy council address
 something basic, something we can all relate to
our need for food that
 nourishes us.
 Your local council doesn’t have to take on the most controversial food 
and probably shouldn’t. 
But it can work to make sure farmers’ 
markets thrive in your co
mmunity, or that your state addresses the 
notion of farmland preservation. 

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