Running a Food Hub, Assessing Financial Viability, Volume III

Food Hubs, Local and Regional Food Systems

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James Matson, Jeremiah Thayer, and Jessica Shaw

This report is part of a multi-volume, technical report series published by USDA under the over-arching title of Running a Food Hub. This third volume in the series provides in-depth guidance on assessing the financial viability of food hubs. The purpose of this report is to provide benchmarks for established and emerging food hubs to use as a comparison for assessing their own financial viability and for making strategic business decisions. The financial analysis can provide valuable insight into how changes in major costs and revenue affect the overall operations and profitability of food hub businesses. 
There are many existing food hubs with operations that differ from the assumptions used for this analysis. Food hubs may be more or less efficient in key areas, such as size of operations, product cost, transportation or other areas. For the sake of brevity, this report attempts to focus on the most significant areas of concern that most often affect business viability. 

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