Running a Food Hub: A Business Operations Guide

Food Hubs


James Matson, Jeremiah Thayer, and Jessica Shaw

THIS REPORT is part of a multi-volume technical report series entitled Running a Food Hub, with this guide serving as a companion piece to other United States Department of Agriculture reports by providing in-depth guidance on starting and running a food hub enterprise.

In order to compile the most current information on best management and operations practices, the authors used published information on food hubs, surveyed numerous operating food hubs, and pulled from their existing experience and knowledge of working directly with food hubs across the country as an agricultural business consulting firm.

The report’s main focus is on the operational issues faced by food hubs, including choosing an organizational structure, choosing a location, deciding on infrastructure and equipment, logistics and transportation, human resources, and risks. As such, the guide explores the different decision points associated with the organizational steps for starting and implementing a food hub. For some sections, sidebars provide “decision points,” which food hub managers will need to address to make key operational decisions.

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