Symposium on American Food Resilience: Promoting a Secure Food Supply

Farming, Food Access, Food Security, Food Systems, Local and Regional Food Systems, Supply Chains, Sustainable Agriculture


Gerald Marten, Nurcan Atalan-Helicke (Editors)

The resilience of the American food supply—the ability of the food system to withstand shocks or stresses that could lead to disruption or collapse—is a matter of genuine concern. While all seems well with supermarkets stocked to the brim, changes in the food system and our environment during recent decades have created risks that are no longer hypothetical possibilities. They are with us now. It's difficult to get a clear grip on this topic because the food system is so complex, and failure could take forms never seen before. It's easy for wishful thinking to prevail, but the stakes are high.

In 2015, the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences published the Symposium on American Food Resilience. The 27 articles in the Symposium explore the vulnerability and resilience of food production and distribution from a variety of perspectives, providing a wealth of material that can be mined by researchers, teachers, practitioners, and policy makers for application to their own circumstances.

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