In our role as the leading convener of food systems practitioners in the Northeast, we curate a library of resources on critical farm and food issues. We also publish our own papers and reports —from our seminal It Takes a Region: Exploring a Regional Food Systems Approach to Good Food for All Summary Report.  As we compile publications, maps, videos, and other materials, we will make them available here.​ You can share resources with us as well. 

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Policy & Advocacy

Authors: Sharon Treat and Shefali Sharma

This first of its kind study compares EU and U.S. regulations aimed at the meat industry, including labor, the environment, animal welfare and public health. It is done with the hope that it helps policymakers and citizens concretize the impacts of TTIP’s (de) regulatory agenda on an industry that requires drastic reform—an industry that is dramatically disconnected from citizen and consumer concerns about how meat is produced, who produces it and the long term negative impacts of this extractive model.

Farming, Workforce

Authors: Virginie Pointeau, Julie Sullivan, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher

This work is a 120+ page book detailing our findings, profiling apprenticeship programs around the US, and a guide to starting an apprenticeship on your ranch or farm.

Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems, Emile A. Frison

A report on the problems with industrial agriculture and the need to transition to a diversified agroecological model.

Forestry, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: Gregory Bowen Land Stewardship Solutions, Joseph Tassone Maryland Department of Planning, James Baird American Farmland Trust

A study of the effects of smart growth and sustainability initiatives on Maryland's farming and forestry.

Food Access, Food Systems, Local and Regional Food Systems

Authors: USDA

This urban agriculture toolkit lays out the common operational elements that most urban farmers must consider as they start up or grow their operations.

Inputs, Policy & Advocacy

Authors:  Pesticide Action Network North America: Emily C. Marquez, PhD and Kristin S. Schafer, MA with Gabrielle Aldern Kristin VanderMolen, PhD

A report on pesticide usage's disproportionate effects on children.

Food Access, Local and Regional Food Systems, Nutrition

Authors: Bradley Wilson, Joshua Lohne, Cheryl Brown, Jessica Crum,Thomson Gross

This report explores diverse strategies to alleviate hunger and to promote access to healthy food in West Virginia.

Food Justice, Food Systems, Land Use

Authors: Raychel Santo, Anne Palmer, Brent Kim

This review provides an overview of the documented sociocultural, health, environmental, and economic development outcomes of urban agriculture.

Food Hubs, Local and Regional Food Systems

Authors: James Matson, Jeremiah Thayer, and Jessica Shaw

Volume III of a USDA report series for food hubs, focusing on financial viability.

Equity, Food Access, Food Justice, Food Security

A report documenting the rise in Rural Poverty between 2003-2014, published by the USDA Economic Research Service.