In our role as the leading convener of food systems practitioners in the Northeast, we curate a library of resources on critical farm and food issues. We also publish our own papers and reports —from our seminal It Takes a Region: Exploring a Regional Food Systems Approach to Good Food for All Summary Report.  As we compile publications, maps, videos, and other materials, we will make them available here.​ You can share resources with us as well. 

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Farm to Institution, Food Systems, Local and Regional Food Systems, Mapping

This maps show how your state measured up in the recent USDA Farm to School Census

Local and Regional Food Systems, Policy & Advocacy

Authors: National Conference of State Legislatures

This report, funded by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, focuses on state legislation in all 50 states enacted between 2012 and 2014 that aimed to strengthen various components of local food systems.

Food Systems, Supply Chains, Worker Justice, Workforce

The Winter 2015-16 Issue of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development - Special Topic: Labor in the Food System

Equity, Farming, Food Systems, Policy & Advocacy

This report, from the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California Berkeley, provides an in-depth analysis of the US Farm Bill with a particular focus on how Farm Bill policies are shaped by corporate power and how such policies affect the lives of marginalized communities.

Food Access, Funding/Financing/Lending

Authors: Brian Lang, Caroline Harries, Miriam Manon, Jordan Tucker, Eugene Kim and Sara Ansell of The Food Trust; Pat Smith of The Reinvestment Fund

This handbook lays out a step-by-step approach to developing state and local policies that encourage the development of supermarkets and other healthy food stores in underserved communities.

Food Access, Funding/Financing/Lending, Local and Regional Food Systems

A training module to educate lenders on how to finance businesses that support healthy food production and access.


Authors: Phillip H. Howard, Michigan State University

The development of the USDA National Organic Standard in place of differing state/regional standards was widely predicted to accelerate trends of increasing consolidation in this sector. The first draft of the standard was released in 1997; what changes in ownership and control have since occurred?

Food Systems

From the Growing Food Connections Project: the Exploring Stories of Innovation series, a series of short articles that explore how local governments from across the United States are strengthening their community’s food system through planning and policy.

Farm to Institution

SETTING THE TABLE FOR SUCCESS: A Toolkit for Increasing Local Food Purchasing by Institutional Food Service Management

Audio Track
Equity, Food Systems

At NESAWG's 2015 It Takes a Region Conference, our opening plenary featured a conversation between movement leaders across generations.