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Aquaculture, Farming, Fisheries & Seafood, Food Access, Food Justice, Food Systems, Land Use, Local and Regional Food Systems, Mapping

An interactive map of the many components of Maryland's food system layered with health and demographic data.

Forestry, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: Gregory Bowen Land Stewardship Solutions, Joseph Tassone Maryland Department of Planning, James Baird American Farmland Trust

A study of the effects of smart growth and sustainability initiatives on Maryland's farming and forestry.

Food Systems

From the Growing Food Connections Project: the Exploring Stories of Innovation series, a series of short articles that explore how local governments from across the United States are strengthening their community’s food system through planning and policy.

Join The Chesapeake Foodshed Network for our first webinar of the year! Co-hosted by University of Maryland’s Harry Hughes Center for Agroecology and the Environmental Finance Center, we will be discussing lessons learned in the field while working to reduce Food Waste in the Chesapeake Bay region.
Join us January 14-16, 2016 for Future Harvest CASA's 17th annual Cultivate the Chesapeake Foodshed Conference!
Join American Farmland Trust and Land for Good for two one-hour Webinars on Farm Transfer and Land Access.
"Field to Tray: Strengthening Farm to School Purchasing in the Mid-Atlantic," will bring together farmers, food service professionals , suppliers and other stakeholders from our region for a day of digging in to local food procurement strategies.
Food Access, Food Justice, Food Security

Authors: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

A 2015 report by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF), in collaboration with the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative, found that one in four of the city’s residents live in so-called food deserts with limited access to healthy foods.

Local and Regional Food Systems

Authors: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

How does what we grow compare with what we eat? Can Maryland agriculture support the demand for local food? Are there foods that Maryland produces well that are also in high demand by buyers in Maryland?

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