Youth RFP

We are now accepting proposals for Youth Track sessions! 

Young people are a critical part of the movement towards a sustainable and just farm and food system. We want to make sure youth voices are included in the conversation. The Youth Track will feature teen leaders from around the Northeast who will share stories and issues impacting the youth in our region, and skills to shape our food systems future. 

We are looking for proposals showcasing farm and food systems issues impacting young people and how young people are working to address those issues and create a sustainable and just food system. We are also looking for sessions that connect to our 2021 Conference Theme: Resistance and Healing Amidst Crisis and Injustice, though not all sessions need to reflect the theme. All proposals must be developed in whole or in collaboration with teens aged 13-18 and feature teen presenters. 

Deadline: August 31st at midnight


Here are general criteria for proposals:

  • Focus on farm and food systems issues in the NESAWG 12-State Region.
  • Inspire, educate and inform the work of youth (ages 13-18) working in the sustainable farm and food systems movement in the Northeast.
  • Engage session attendees and/or are interactive.
  • Are practical. Offer useful tools and ideas that participants can use in their states, cities, communities, and organizations, including innovative strategies, exemplary models, powerful narratives, and accessible artistic and cultural expressions.
  • Focus on systemic solutions and emphasize systems and cultural change.
  • Connect to active issue campaigns, projects, grassroots community organizing, current struggles and/or movement-building efforts.
  • Incorporate race and equity issues in food systems work.

​We are seeking a range of proposals and presenters covering the breadth of diversity in our region, including issues, sector, geographic, race/ethnicity, and age, as well as presenters who have traditionally marginalized identities. Workshops can have varied formats including panels, presentations, discussion, interactive activities or skill-building sessions.

All session are up to 90 minutes long. Submissions are due by August 31st at midnight. 
Proposal submitters will be notified in mid-September. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.