Welcome New Board Members!

(Left to right, top to bottom: Kelsey Watson, Ulum Pixan Athohil Suk’il (Bird Spirit), Rebekah Williams, Raqueeb Bey, Noelle Warford, Sister Anna Muhammad)

At the beginning of this year, NESAWG embarked on an open call to recruit new board members. Four of our beloved board members – Onika Abraham, Gary Bloss, Kathy Lawrence, and Michael Rozyne – are stepping down. We deeply appreciate their many contributions to NESAWG work and will miss seeing their faces every month on our board calls.

This transition on our board gave us the opportunity to embark on a board recruitment process beyond our circles that would bring in new energy and expand NESAWG’s network of people, perspectives, and ideas. We could not believe the response we got - thirty people applied to be on our board! We were truly honored that so many thoughtful food systems leaders wanted to devote their time and energy to NESAWG. A big part of our work over the coming year will be to develop a plan for operationalizing our commitment to center those most harmed by food systems injustices in our organization and programs, and we could not be more excited by the folks on our board who will be contributing to that work.

Our new board members joining this year are:

  • Anna Muhammed, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Massachusetts, Springfield, MA
  • Kelsey Watson, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, Washington, DC
  • Noelle Warford, Urban Tree Connection, Philadelphia, PA
  • Raqueeb Bey, Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-Op, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Rebekah Williams, Food for the Spirit, Naples, NY
  • Ulum Pixan Athohil Suk’il, Global Village Farms, Grafton, MA

You can learn about them (and the rest of our board and staff) on our board/staff page. Over the next several months, you’ll get to know each of them a bit more in depth through individual profiles we’ll be sharing on our blog. We will also be paying tribute to our four outgoing board members and their longstanding service to NESAWG. (Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to read these posts when they come out.)

Please join us in welcoming these leaders to NESAWG and thanking Onika, Gary, Michael, and Kathy for their service!