2014 Workgroup Sessions

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Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11 - 12, 2014

Tuesday session: 11:15am - 12:30pm
Wednesday sessions: 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM, 10:15 - 11:00 AM 

Each workgroup has two sessions and a final wrap up.  Please select one workgroup.

  1. Diet, Geography, Access & Public Health Workgroup
    The Diet, Geography, Access and Public Health session will explore persistent patterns of food system inequities experienced in communities-particularly those of color and economically or socially disadvantaged.  How can we work together as a region to redirect time, money, research and expertise to align dietary guidance with the food equity goals?  This workgroup will be exploring existing and desired food system and health indicators concerning food access, morbidity and mortality, and other related health metrics.
    LEADERS: Joanne Burke, University of New Hampshire; Emily Piltch, Tufts University, Friedman School of Nutrition; Amanda Behrens The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future; Karen Spiller, KAS Consulting
  2. Distribution and Food Hub Workgroup 
    The focus of Distribution / Foodhubs sessions this year will be Postmortem: FoodEx 2008-2014, featuring a presentation by JD Kemp, FoodEx founder. FoodEx was an internet-based local food transporter and distributor, formerly based in Boston.
    LEADERS: Ann Karlen, Fair Food; Michael Rozyne, Red Tomato
  3. Food Safety Workgroup
    This workgroup is an open forum to address and join together on specific activities regarding implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act, GAPs and other certifications, farmer education, and one-size-fits-all regulations.
    LEADER: Steve Gilman, NOFA Interstate Council 
  4. Food Systems Planning Workgroup
    This year the Food System Planning Workgroup will explore how to plan for Collective Impact. After learning/revisiting the basics of the Collective Impact framework (Kania and Kramer, 2011), the group will dive into each of the 5 conditions: a common agenda, shared measurements, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a “backbone” network coordinator. We will look at a few examples where this framework is working successfully, and will explore how all of our work can become more aligned with this framework. 
    LEADER: Erica Campbell, VT Farm to Plate
  5. Infrastructure Workgroup
    In past years, the Infrastructure workgroup focused on meat processing. Participants in this workgroup have now combined with the Distribution and Food Hubs workgroup, where they focus on market infrastructure.  If you are interested in continuing the narrower, meat processing focus, let us know, and we'll connect you to an existing, or help start a new, online, 12-state workgroup.
  6. Labor and Trade Workgroup
    This Workgroup will continue our discussions on linking the sustainable agriculture movement with food workers in order to change the food system.
    LEADERS: Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell Farmworkers Program; Liz Henderson, NOFA/NY and Ag Justice Project; Rachel Winograd, CATA
  7. Research and Assessment Workgroup
    At this year’s Research & Assessment Workgroup sessions we’ll have an opportunity for updates and (re)introductions, welcoming any new members. That will include an overview/update on the R&A Workgroup-initiated Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem (NEFKE) pilot project, and opportunities for Workgroup input and engagement as we implement several exciting new collaborative tools and shared resources. In the second session, breakout discussion groups will explore more deeply identified areas of shared interest, and report back out to the larger group.
    LEADERS: Molly Anderson, College of the Atlantic; Clare Hinrichs, Penn State University