Enhancing Food Security in the Northeast

Enhancing Food Security in the Northeast is a USDA-funded research initiative spanning 12 states. The goal of the project is to explore the benefits of re-regionalizing the food system.  NESAWG and its partners will study whether a regional approach to food production and distribution could  not only improve food access and affordability for the over 7 million Northeast residents who are food insecure, but also benefit farmers, processors, retailers and others in the food supply chain.

During this five-year project, NESAWG and partners are:

  • Exploring how regional approaches can support food security and economic sustainability across nearly 300 counties in 12 Northeast states, focusing on nine target communities.
  • Expanding knowledge and understanding of the production, distribution and consumption of food in our region.
  • Developing and integrating innovative research methods to gather missing data, assure scientific rigor, and propose and test ways to improve food access in disadvantaged communities in the northeast and beyond.

EFSNE is funded by the USDA. Click here for more info >