Food Systems

Worker Justice, Food Security, Food Systems, Policy & Advocacy, Retail, Supply Chains, Workforce

Authors: New England Farmers Union

New England Farmers Union created this presentation on co-operative business model as an effective tool for addressing some of the core problems in our current food system: persistent food insecurity, growing awareness of the gap between demand and supply for local and regional foods, and a pervasive concern that those producing our food are not gaining a viable livelihood from their effort.

Food Hubs, Food Security, Food Systems, Land Use, Marketing, Policy & Advocacy

Authors: Micaela Fischer, Michael Hamm, Rich Pirog, John Fisk, Jeff Farbman, Stacia Kiraly

The 2013 National Food Hub Survey was conducted to collect information on many of the characteristics of active food hubs from a broad sample nationwide.

Food Hubs, Food Systems, Policy & Advocacy

Authors: James Barham, Debra Tropp, Kathleen Enterline, Jeff Farbman, John Fisk, and Stacia Kiraly

This publication is an outgrowth of the National Food Hub Collaboration's work and accomplishments in 2010. By compiling relevant and practical information, the Collaboration hopes to share lessons learned, promote the continued success of active food hubs, and spur the development of new food hub operations.

Food Access, Food Security, Food Systems, Land Use, Policy & Advocacy

Authors: Michael Burgan, Mark Winne

This manual outlines some of the
 tools that can be used to create and sustain your own effective food policy
 council and to take steps toward that goal of food security for all

Development, Farming, Food Systems, Land Use, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: Kyle Foley, Taryn Goodman, Bridget McElroy

This report, produced with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, examines the current state of funding for addressing the problems in the food system and promotes the goals and the vision for a healthier food system. Specifically, it looks at where capital is flowing and where it is not flowing, and what kinds of approaches are needed to increase the flow and effectiveness of capital where gaps currently exist.

Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture

Authors: Elena Pons, Maud-Alison Long, Raúl Pomares

This publication, Promoting Sustainable Food Systems through Impact Investing, was produced by The Springcreek Foundation to provide a framework through which investors can play a critical role in the establishment and maintenance of regional sustainable food systems in the United States.

Farming, Food Access, Food Systems, Land Use

Authors: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

The Greater Philadelphia Food System Study, published in 2010 by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), was undertaken to better understand the complicated regional food system that feeds Greater Philadelphia. DVRPC's food system study focuses on the agricultural resources, distribution infrastructure, regional economy, and stakeholders acting within the regional foodshed.

Worker Justice, Equity, Food Justice, Food Systems, Supply Chains, Workforce

Authors: Center for Social Inclusion: Anthony Giancatarino, Program Manager; Simran Noor, Coordinator of Advocacy

The food system works for some, but fails too many of us. Yet, we already have a glimpse of the possibility of a just and healthy food system. To get there, we must use a critical race lens to diagnose what is wrong with our current system, assess entry points for change, and determine ways that we can work together to build a better system for all of us. This report by the Center for Social Inclusion shares an analysis of what it means to build a racially equitable food system – from field to farm to fork – and lays out steps toward achieving that goal.

Food Systems, Mapping, Policy & Advocacy

This map was created by Drake University's Agricultural Law Center to help further the advancement of Food Policy Councils.

NESAWG Publication, Food Systems, Marketing, Processing, Production, Retail, Supply Chains

Authors: Kathryn Ruhf and Kate Clancy

This publication was developed by the Northeast Regional Lead Team Project, which investigated a variety of value chain initiatives in the Northeast region. They wanted to understand the location and reach of these chains, and to learn their histories, structure, market relationships, support networks, challenges and needs from the perspective of the “driver.” Between December 2008 and May 2009, the team interviewed the key principle in each of 35 regional value chains. This publication provides a descriptive analysis of that information.


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