Anti-Oppression Resources

Racism, sexism, ableism, and structural oppression of all kinds remains a significant barrier to building a just and sustainable food system. These resources come from food systems and social justice advocates throughout the world and we’re always adding to them. Look for the italics after each description to see what issue the link covers. Got something to share? Let us know at

Aggregated resource lists

Food Solutions New England Racial Equity Challenge - books, articles, films, prompts, and more from FSNE’s annual program to engage participants on issues of race and equity in the food system can all be found here. (Topic: Racism) 

HEAL Food Alliance Black History Month Resources - books, articles, films, interviews, and more related to the experience of the Black community in the United States food system. It’s 4 parts: 1, 2, 3, 4. (Topic: Racism)

Michigan State University Annotated Bibliography on structural Racism in the US Food System - books and research on race in the food system available for free here. (Topic: Racism)


Equity Tools NESAWG Recommends

Ways to Think About Race and Equity in the Food System - a series of prompts developed by Race Forward and adapted for NESAWG Conference Presenters in 2015

Dismantling Racism Works Workbook is excellent, especially the handout on White Supremacy Culture by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun.  (Topic: Racism)

Racial Equity Tools - has a number of excellent resources, including this page on Racial Identity Formation.  (Topic: Racism)

Class Matters tools - articles, case studies, books, workshops, etc. on classism (Topic: Classism)

Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources -  includes resources that can help communities and activists as they work to understand and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic  (Topic: COVID-19)

Racial Equity in the Food System Webinar: Perceptions, Reality, and the Road Ahead is a series where members of the Racial Equity in the Food System workgroup share findings from a national survey of REFS webinar registrants and discuss how organizations are reaching their equity goals.  (Topic: Racism)

This webinar series explores the strategies the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust is employing to free the land and feed the people. Each month they deep dive into some of their land-based wealth redistribution, land tenure, and economic strategies. You can also learn about reparation stories and projects. (Topic: Racism)


Suggested Reading

Civil Eats article on Leaders of Color Discussing Structural Racism and White Privilege in the Food System  Race

Towards a People's Agroecology by Blain Snipstal  Race

4 Not So Easy Ways to Dismantle Racism in the Food System by Leah Penniman  Race

Love While Challenging Racist Behavior by Ana Perez  Race

Classified: How to Stop Hiding Your Privilege and Use It for Social Change by Karen Pittelman Class

Poor People Deserve to Taste Something Other Than Shame by Ijeoma Oluo  Class

I grew up on food stamps. I’ll never forget the sneering looks by Jessika Bohon  Class

My grandfather’s garden taught me to survive while Black and queer by Amirio Freeman  Sexual identity

Say Hello to the Queer Farmers of America by Vivian Underhill Sexual Identity  

Is Meat Manly? How Society Pressures Us To Make Gendered Food Choices by Chrissy Brissette Gender

FoodFirst Backgrounder on Cultivating Gender Justice by Ahna Kruzic Gender

How Disability Can Increase the Risk of Food Insecurity by Julia Kuzman Disability

‘Everybody Speaks Dirt,’ an interview with blind farmer Gerldine Wilson Disability

Why FFA is not Actually for Everybody by Brandon Roidger Race, Gender, Sexual Identity


Suggested listening

Racist Sandwich podcast - focused on food, race, gender, and class

Toasted Sister podcast - focused on food and Indigenous cultures

The Native Seed Pod podcast - focused on food and Indigenous cultures

Food Without Borders podcast - focused on food and immigration