Agroforestry: From Global Strategies to Wright-Locke Farm

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August 16, 2017 7:30pm


Wright-Locke Farm 1827 Barn- Parking at 82 Ridge St. Winchester, MA.


Wright-Locke Farm's 3rd Speaker Series Session in their 1827 Barn- Parking at 82 Ridge St. Winchester, MA.

In the session principal and head designer at AppleSeed Permaculture LLC, Connor Stedman, M.S., will share how agroforestry can benefit farms and communities throughout New England in the years to come. Through agroforesty’s diverse set of practices that integrate agriculture, forestry, and conservation, these systems can increase food production, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration on the farm while reducing erosion, drought impacts, and other climate change-related vulnerabilities. Having worked closely with the farm throughout the year, Connor will also unveil the newly developed Master Plan for the pasture and forest lands of Wright-Locke Farm during this talk.

“Paper Plate” Supper at the farm before each event. Chef Mel Carden of for goodness sake foods will be dishing out her farm-inspired homestyle dinners at our Farm Stand starting at 6PM - please visit for details on pricing and to reserve your meal.

In the spirit of inspiring and facilitating conversation in a time where it is crucial that we stay informed about the world around us, Wright-Locke Farm invites you to their 2017 Speaker Series. Each presentation will begin at 7:30PM and allow for a follow-up Q & A session. The Speaker Series is free and open to the public.

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