Land, Food and Race Bearing Witness Retreat

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September 21, 2017 (All day) to September 24, 2017 (All day)


Soul Fire Farm 1972 NY-2, Petersburg, NY 12138

Bearing Witness to the U.S. Food System
Please join us this Fall on a retreat that will provide you the opportunity to bear witness to:
  • The natural world: the soil, the elements, plant and animal life
  • Racism in our food systems and communities
  • Activist farmers building a just and sustainable future
While this retreat will contain some history and activities you might also find on a tour, the point is not to merely gain information. Rather, we intend to realize an embodied, mindful and heartful experience of interconnection. We aim to bring familiarity, understanding and intimacy to parts of humanity characterized by trauma, separation, and invisibility. We will experience that another world is not only possible - it’s on the way.
This retreat will confront the history of our food system:
  • Beginning with the genocidal land theft of First Nations people
  • Continuing with the kidnapping of people from the shores of West Africa for forced agricultural labor
  • Morphing into convict leasing
  • Expanding to the migrant guest-worker program
  • Maturing into its current state where
    • farm management is among the whitest professions
    • farm labor is predominantly brown and exploited
    • people of color disproportionately live in “food apartheid” neighborhoods and suffer from diet-related illness
This retreat is in the spirit of the Zen Peacemaker Bearing Witness Retreats. It is not organized by Zen Peacemakers, Inc.