Farm to Institution New England: Building A Network

Farm to Institution, Farming, Local and Regional Food Systems, Processes & Practices, Supply Chains


Melissa Deas, Consensus Building Institute

New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island

This report was developed to tell the story of Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and to better understand how network organizations can be an effective means for change. The Consensus Building Institute (CBI) prepared this report, drawing on interviews with staff, FINE’s leadership team, funders, and partner institutions that work closely with FINE and internal documents shared by FINE as well as internal documents shared by FINE. This report not only showcases the important work that FINE is doing, but makes an argument that building strong networks for cross-organizational information sharing and collaborative work has value. While we are confident that network organizations can play a powerful role, we also want to recognize how difficult and time consuming creating a network can be. Therefore, this report focuses on some of the key lessons we can learn from FINE’s evolution.

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